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Dirty Graphix is the result of 20 years of experience owning and operating a reputable concrete and landscape business. I know firsthand the critical role heavy equipment plays towards the success of my business, and others like mine. I also know that after working from sunup to sundown, there isn’t much time to focus on other parts of my business - like advertising. All of this led me to realize an opportunity where some might see a challenge.

After a lot of grit and research, I figured out a way to protect the exterior of my machines and increase the visibility of my business - durable, custom equipment wraps. I knew that if this could greatly help my business, it could surely help others too. My hope is that you can use Dirty Graphix to leverage your business, and make the most out of your machines by creating your own custom equipment wraps.

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Here at Dirty Graphix we pride ouselves on attention to detail, excellent customer service and our ability to create badass custom wraps. Proof? Check out what our customers have to say. 

Solutions Siteworks
Joe S.

Dirty Graphix has been a game changer for my business. Not only do I get compliments on the way the wrap looks, I also get business leads because my logo really stands out on the side of my machine. The wrap itself was simple to install, and durable is an understatement. I've put a lot of hours on my skiddy since its been wrapped, and it is still protecting my machine and looking in near perfect condition. 

D&D Hydroseeding
Derek D.

Creating a custom wrap with Dirty Graphix is an extremely quick and easy process. I was able to install my wrap only days after I placed my order. Now, my wrapped machine not only turns heads, but improves the bottom line for my company, D&D Hydroseeding

Chase's Landscape Services
Chase W.

We highly recommend using Dirty Graphix for machine wraps because the selection and options to customize your wrap is easy to use and endless with possibilities. The company delivers great assistance if you need help with design of the wrap, there’s a fast delivery time, and the product itself is easy to install. The wrap is high quality and looks phenomenal once it’s on the machine. We have one machine wrapped and can’t wait to get the rest of them done. 

Bear State Ag, Inc.
Ozzie AM.
The feedback from people is amazing, most think we are bigger than we really are. It gives us a sense of pride to show our company off with our wrap. Using our machine as a billboard has gained us a lot of attention, and the installation was super easy!
Lamphear's Lawn Service
Josh J.

Here at Lamphear's, we take a lot of pride in our brand. From our uniforms all the way up to our fleet of trucks, everything matches and you can tell who we are from a distance! Dirty Graphix helped us take it to the next level by adding our fleet of machines to the mix. The team at Dirty Graphix is top notch from the initial design process to the quick delivery of their products. The quality of the graphics is something that we trust to hold up in the ever changing elements of Northeast Ohio. We would highly recommend this product to any one looking to stand out!

Dig-it Excavating
Dervin W.

Ty was very helpful in the design process and the wraps are looking awesome! Can't wait to get our second machine wrap...